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L is for Liam

Can one night of passion ruin your life—or save it?

When Liam Love is hit with one tragedy after another, his grief sends him into a toxic spiral—until his wild ways come to a screeching halt with a DUI and a woman who claims he's the father of her baby. As if that wasn't enough, according to his father's unusual Will, Liam won't get a penny of his inheritance until he finds true love. But after Liam's court-ordered community service at a homeless shelter throws him together with a gorgeous headstrong young woman, he starts to think a fake romance with her might be his ticket to wealth and independence.

Cherisa Landis wasn't ready to be any man's anything, fake or not, after her divorce from her cheating ex. Her florist shop was doing a gangbuster business, and she didn't need anyone's help, especially a sexy hunk with a chip on his shoulder. Besides, it takes a mighty good man to be better than nothing, and she wasn't about to settle for "good enough." Not even when she discovers Liam's hidden talent and realizes he has more layers than a cake—a yummy, tempting cake that threatens to throw her off her man-diet for good.



O is for Owen

All's fair in love and war when your dreams are at stake, isn't it?

When Owen Love lost his parents and the love of his life, he chucked his safe-but-boring CPA job to pursue one high-octane sport after another. But his efforts to drown his
sorrows as an adrenline junkie almost get derailed when a beautiful triathlete distracts him at a BMX race, and he wipes out. As if that wasn't bad enough, he's asked to mentor her and fears she's just another golddigger out for his family's money. Then why is he so strangely attracted to her?

Apryl Tallon isn't about to let anything or anyone, especially an arrogant biker, stand between her and her Olympic dreams. When her coach hires the very same BMX biker who accused her of causing him to crash, she's livid. It's bad enough her family thinks she should just get a "normal" job and settle down, but now she's being thrown together with a rich, spoiled jerk ... even if he is as sexy as hell. How is she supposed to concentrate on her training when he's the one distracting her?


V is for Vaden



Some trials build you up, and some trials tear you down.

When the tragedies in Vaden Love's life became almost too much to bear, his grief turned him into an emotional hermit, rarely coming out of the beach house he shares with his dog except for his hated job managing a resort. But a sprained ankle and a surprising chance encounter with a delivery girl threaten to draw him out of his cave—if it doesn't destroy everything else in his life first. One thing is for sure, the girl is trouble with a capital T.

Bryana Tallon has a lot of trouble in her life thanks to an overprotective twin brother, working full-time as a delivery girl, and trying to become the first one in her family to get an MBA. As if that wasn't hard enough, she has a stalker threatening her safety, and his attentions seem to be getting worse. When shy-but-sexy customer Vaden Love starts asking for only her to deliver food to him every day, has she just gained a new stalker, or is this the beginning of something that could change her life for better—or worse?

E is for Evan Newest.jpg
E is for Evan



Sometimes the fiercest battles are fought in the heart.

As if dealing with personal tragedies wasn't enough, Evan Love's beachside tourist shop is mysteriously failing, and as the youngest brother in the family, he feels extra pressure to succeed. When he "copies" marketing tactics from a rival shop owner in desperation, the sexy owner tells him in no uncertain terms to back off. Intrigued by her spunk and charm, his initial attempts to apologize fail—but will winning her over end up leaving both their shops and her reputation in ruins?

Dusti Matson has been burned by men one too many times, and she's not about to succumb to Evan Love's charming frat boy persona. She's got a successful business to run, an ex giving her grief, and plenty of worries over a string of burglaries hitting shops in the area. Yet, as she gets to know Evan better and learns he's not just another handsome guy with an ego, her defenses are in danger of crumbling—but if it comes to a choice between success and love, which will she choose?

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