Meet the Princes of the Potomac, the sexy heirs to the world-famous Tannahill Guitar business. Lucky in riches, these lonely men have been unlucky in love ... until now. Surrounded by the wild beauty of the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay, each of the Tannahill brothers must tame their own wild and beautiful soulmate in order to find true love.



Real estate magnate Redmond "Red" Love is still grieving over the loss of his beloved wife when he's diagnosed with terminal cancer. He creates a Will leaving his fortune to his four sons on one condition - they will only receive their inheritance when they find the kind of true love he had with his late wife. But that may be harder than the Love brothers think - how can you tell love is true when every gold digger has set their sights on you?

"The author did a fabulous job of creating characters that I for one want to read more about."


"Great book must read. I found the story line riveting."

"The characters were fully developed, even the side characters and the story line."


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