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Stalking Earth


Meet the Princes of the Potomac — the sexy heirs to world-famous Tannahill Guitars

Blaine Tannahill, the "heart" of the family, is a party animal who thought he had everything ... until the love of his life got engaged to his best friend. But who needs love when you have moolah and can hang out with famous rock stars? He definitely doesn't need beautiful librarian Maxie Cottrill to literally crash into his life — especially when her "Larry Lawsuit" father targets Blaine. Forced to work with Maxie, Blaine soon learns his anti-love resolve might not be the only thing in danger of failing.

Maxie Cottrill, still reeling from her ex-boyfriend Sidney's betrayal, can't afford to lose her car in an accident. Or to break her ankle and possibly lose her job. She's incensed the man who caused her troubles, Blaine Tannahill, will be her court-ordered temporary assistant. As if that wasn't enough, her father is trying to use her as a tool in his scheme to soak the wealthy Tannahills. Plus, Sidney may not be as much of an "ex" as she first thought.

But things aren't always as they seem. And sometimes, love is like a song you have to learn how to sing.


"Great book, must read: I found the story line riveting."

"Love this story! I will be reading the other books in this series."




Stalking Wind


Cash Tannahill, the "brain" of the family, never got over a female lawyer who tried to ruin his life. When he learns his father wants him to work with attorney Annabeth Boxer on a cybersecurity project, he balks. He's more interested in creating video games than running the IT department, anyway, but feels a sense of duty to work with Annabeth. That "duty" soon threatens to give his attitude a one-eighty and turn his life upside down.

Annabeth Boxer is thrilled to be given the Tannahill project. It's her first big client, and she's determined to make her firm and her mother proud. What she didn't count on was having to work with handsome Cash Tannahill with his soulful eyes—an unwanted distraction from her goals. But she has an even bigger problem with a sexist colleague who thinks he's God's gift to women. And is none too happy with Annabeth's rejection.

Cash and Annabeth seem made for each other. But when her colleague and his past collide in a series of misunderstandings, their happily-ever-after seems doomed to fail.


Stalking Fire



Jack Tannahill, the "soul" of the family, is an ex-SEAL who's seen too much violence and prefers to spend his time fishing. He thinks he's happy being single and fends off attempts to fix him up. Especially not with any scientists who remind him of military shrinks. But all thoughts of peace and quiet fly out the window when he has a fateful encounter with sexy, independent marine biologist, Lissa Labelle. He can't figure out if it's just fate or turning into the biggest battle of his life.

Lissa Labelle has to fight for respect in a male-dominated field. No man is going to stand in her way of success. That includes Jack Tannahill, whose run-in with Lissa leads to a project working together on the shores of Tannahill property. Lissa grudgingly learns to respect and admire Jack. Even as she fights her feelings for her former mentor, a world-famous TV documentary maker.

Jack and Lissa's shared love for marine life and the Chesapeake promise to bring them closer together. But a co-worker of Lissa with designs on Jack and Lissa's crush on her mentor are emotional tempests that threaten to drown any chance for happiness.

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